Does Snorepro really work?

does snorepro work couple sleeping

Snorepro not only improves your sleep but your relationship as well!

Every Snorepro is tailor made, a process which does make the device more expensive than the ‘off the shelf’ varieties, but this is the key to its success. Engineered to fit your mouth perfectly, the device will ensure that your airways stays open, addressing the very causes of snoring, much like CPAP machines do. The big difference here is in terms of comfort. Most wearers get used to the device in only one or two nights, and the benefits are immediate.

Anti-snoring devices like CPAP machines can have good success rates, when worn. And that is the key – if it is not comfortable, or creates problems when the sleeper moves, it will not be worn. This is where Snorepro flies ahead of the alternative; effective, unobtrusive and comfortable.

We take into account all your individual differences (the intricacies of your airway, mouth and teeth, as well as sleeping patterns and preferences) to ensure that your SNOREPRO will be the best and most effective fit. Every step of the personal consultation process is aimed at comfort and effectiveness. There are no compromises, no mass production; just a personal service that off-the-shelf solutions just cannot provide.

Snorepro Performance

Our success rate is very near 100%. The Snorepro concept has been specifically designed to tackle the problem of snoring at the cause, from a medical standpoint. The mouth guard operates in the same way that a paramedic would clear the airway.

It works by keeping the jaw in a slightly forward position , ensuring that the muscles are relaxed. This naturally opens the airway, keeping the tongue away from the back of the mouth.. . . There are no projections to choke or annoy you, and the custom fitting ensures that there is no irritation on your gums.

A Snorepro is effective whether you breathe through your mouth or nose.

Value of a Snorepro

The whole Snorepro experience, including consultation, fitting, and follow up consultation is very cost effective. Snorepro has a remarkable success rate and will give you years of service (a year’s supply of snoring strips will cost $600, or a CPAP machine many thousands of dollars). We are absolutely convinced that the Snorepro is the answer. So much so, that if we do not stop you snoring to your satisfaction, return the device for a full refund (New Zealand only.) We also fully guarantee our workmanship and materials for a year.

Snorepro will stop your snoring.


Designed for the 25% of women who snore and the 75% of women who get woken by snoring!