How do I get a Snorepro?

get a snoreproThough the causes of snoring are the same for everyone, how it effects an individual and how severe the snoring, is entirely personal. For a successful answer to snoring, the best option is to involve a personal consultation with a Snorepro specialist.

Snorepro – Backed by experience.

We have learned through years of experience that sitting down with a professional and outlining your individual circumstances is one of many important factors that contribute to having such a high success rate with the Snorepro device. The success of Snorepro relies upon a bespoke fit. An exact fit provides not only comfort, essential for a good night’s sleep (and to ensure that you wear it!), and also in ensuring that the device actually performs as it is intended. If you do decide to commit to having a Snorepro device madepart of the process involves taking impressions of your teethgums to ensure an exact fit.

Of course, with custom manufacturing each Snorepro device,there is no doubt that it is quicker, easier and cheaper to buy a snoring remedy from the pharmacy or over the internet. It is our view however that these options are not successful and simply do not stop people from snoring.

Customer care and attention – Personal Consultations

After the initial consultation and fitting, we will need to see you again for a follow up visit approximately 10-15 working days later to have your custom made snoring prevention device fully fitted. Though the initial mould will provide a great fit, we need to make sure that the finished device is completely comfortable to wear. A good fit does not always prove comfort immediately and some alterations to the length or depth of the device may be required. At this stage, we also explain how to use and care for your Snorepro. This process helps to ensure that your device will remain in use for as long as possible.

In some circumstances we may see you for a third consultation for any follow up adjustments after an initial few days of use. This is rare, but all part of the service. Your comfort and the maximised effectiveness of the Snorepro are our absolute priority. That is why if your Snorepro feels at all uncomfortable or you are unsure of any aspects, your personal specialist is on hand for further consultation.

If you have any further questions on the fitting and support that comes with the Snorepro experience, we have included some frequently asked questions to assist. Please feel free though to contact us for any other information you require or to find out where your nearest Snorepro specialist is located.


Designed for the 25% of women who snore and the 75% of women who get woken by snoring!