Sleep Apnea Treatment

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), is caused by blocked airways in the throat. This is the most common type of sleep apnoea and affects as much as 4% of the normal population.

Sleep apnea can look a bit like falling in love. Like that Top Gun theme, it takes your breath away. Your heart skips a beat and flutters erratically. You’re commonly seen rubbing your tired eyes after a long and… active night. Unfortunately, love doesn’t cure the reality of headaches, snoring, breathlessness and exhaustion. Sleep apnea might look like love, but there’s nothing lovely about it. Thankfully, Snorepro can help.

It’s said that the best days start with the best sleep. Snorepro is designed to help with more than just a great sleep; but also give an opportunity for longer, healthier living with those you love the most.

Apnea literally means “without breath,” and includes obstructed breathing, pauses in breath for up to two minutes followed by gasps for air. Sufferers are known to wake frequently, feel tired or headachy in the morning and be much less productive during the day. Snorepro stops snoring by opening up the throat’s airways to allow breath to pass through; a key problem for sleep apnea sufferers.

Sure, sleep apnea sounds like loud snoring at first, but the symptoms and dangers are much worse. Sleep apnea has even been cited as a contributing factor for Carrie Fisher’s death in December 2016. It can be a dangerous disorder, but Snorepro is one particularly effective and non-invasive measure for treating sleep apnea.

If you are approaching middle age or older, menopausal, pregnant, have a larger neck circumference or are overweight, you have a higher likelihood of having sleep apnea. Ask around your family as well – apnea is hereditary, so if your dad suffered, chances are you do too. Ask your partner too; they’ll definitely know if you have some odd sleeping habits! If you’re still unsure, Snorepro has a great online self-assessment tool to run through all your symptoms.

Respiratory physician Dr Andrew Veale notes that sleep apnea has other effects like morning headaches, difficulty concentrating, no interest in sex and a general lack of enthusiasm. Waking with a dry throat from the snoring is common, as is heartburn. Sufferers can be more susceptible to high blood pressure and even heart disease. If left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, depression, headaches and even heart failure.

So, here’s how it works: obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), is caused by blocked airways in the throat. This is the most common type of sleep apnea and affects as much as 4% of the normal population. Muscles relax while you sleep and soft tissue collapses inward. The narrowed airways cause shallow breathing and snoring. After extended pauses in breath, abrupt choking sounds can be heard as breathing resumes. Sometimes these episodes can occur up to 30 times an hour.

Since the main issue for OSA sufferers are collapsed airways, Snorepro technology has been developed specifically to open up the throat. Each piece is custom designed for the individual – none of this “one size fits all” nonsense. By placing the jaw in a slightly forward position, Snorepro holds the tongue in place and opens up a secure airway. Devices are also adjustable, portable and built to last.

The benefits are long term and ensure the comfort of the wearer as well as peaceful nights for everyone. Snorepro acts as a means to facilitate uninterrupted sleep to keep you healthy and rested. With the snoring taken care of, you can be sure of a good rest and a remarkable boost in energy during the day. Remember: a good sleep is just one Snorepro away!

Designed for the 25% of women who snore and the 75% of women who get woken by snoring!