Snorepro Customer Reviews

customer reviews

It’s all very well for us to tell you how good we are and how we have helped so many people to stop snoring and have a great night’s sleep with our Snorex and Snorepro branded products over the last 30 years. We thought though that you might like to hear from some of our very satisfied customers so you can take their word instead of ours. Please read on.


“I discovered Snorepro when some of my patients told me they no longer snore as a result of having a device made for them. After meeting one of the Snorepro team and experiencing the benefits that the device offers, I’m pleased to have an effective snoring treatment option to recommend to my patients.”

Dr Peter Cameron
Your Health Centre,
Auckland, New Zealand

I am a GP and snoring is a common problem. Snorex is an excellent device to stop snoring and I recommend this to my patients.

Dr Penny Rowley
Khandallah Medical Centre
Wellington, New Zealand

“Dear Denise,

I write to you as a very satisfied Snorex user.

I am 45years of age and have been a snorer for most of my adult life. Over the years I have been the butt of many a joke and have made sleep difficult for more people than I care to remember. This has dented my male ego to say the least.

I have tried everything ever produced to rid myself of this AFFLICTION, but to my horror, none of them worked. I lost weight, (l6kg), but once again, no resulting change.

My partner spotted your advertisement and willing to try anything, I called you and as you know, I now wear a Snorex to bed.

Denise, words cannot express my satisfaction with this product. I no longer snore and my sleep is now unbroken. My ego problem has resolved itself, my partner and I are now better bed mates than we ever were, and I no longer have to worry about keeping others awake. This has quite literally changed my life and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Denise, and please feel quite free to have your clients call me if I can in some way help them to appreciate what real sleep is all about.”

Yours faithfully


“Thanks Max,

Snorex is working wonders. No more bruises on my legs!! “



“Many thanks for all your help. I would probably be divorced by now if not for Snorex.”

“Hi Max,

Thank you for helping me get back to sleeping in the matrimonial bed!

Prior to my husband being fitted with a snorex, I spent more nights in the spare room than I care to remember!

We’ve only been married three months and got the snorex just before we left on our honeymoon…immaculate timing!!

We now sleep really well TOGETHER, and we LOVE it!

Thanks again for the awesome product and service!”


“…I received my Snorex yesterday by courier delivery, thank-you.

After just one night, I was amazed that, after some initial difficulty falling asleep, I slept right through the night without waking. I awoke an hour earlier than usual, and felt refreshed and ready to rise, with no chance of going back to sleep again.

I have not experienced any of the jaw ache that I had anticipated. Nor have I had any difficulty removing the Snorex, I can do it with my tongue.

My wife has confirmed that I did not snore at all during the night. More amazing than that, it is now 11-00pm and I am not yawning and rubbing my eyes! I am looking forward to further trials this week.”

Thank you

D Nielsen

“Great! Many thanks from myself and my wife.”


“I am really thrilled with the effects, excellent nights of uninterrupted sleep and back in the matrimonial bed again! “

Thank you!!!


“Have to write to say thank you for Ian’s SNOREX, can’t believe how well it works. We haven’t had so much sleep in over twenty years. Just so pleased. So good to be able to sleep together again.”

“Congratulations Max, On a job well done. Vince is no longer snoring and we are VERY happy! Thank you for your time and patience.”


Designed for the 25% of women who snore and the 75% of women who get woken by snoring!